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Linden Tree Books

Linden Tree Books


About Us

Nestled on a tree-lined street in downtown Los Altos, Linden Tree Books has been helping readers and pre-readers discover the magic of books for nearly forty years.

We are a family-run children’s bookstore with a highly curated selection of books reflecting a diverse range of voices and stories. (And yes, we have books for adults… parents need to read, too!) We regularly host author events and signings, school fundraisers, writing workshops, book clubs, birthday parties, and more.

In 1984, Linda and Dennis Ronberg (who combined the "Lin" and "Den" of their first names) opened Linden Tree Children's Recordings and Books on First Street in Los Altos. As the name suggests, the store originally specialized in children's music, hosting and promoting concerts with legendary children's musicians like Raffi, Charlotte Diamond, Sharon, Lois, and Bram and others.

Five years later, the store moved to the corner of Third and State Streets, where it hosted numerous author events and parties (including legendary Harry Potter release nights) in its courtyard. In 2011, under the ownership of Dianne Edmonds and Jill Curcio, the store moved to its current location at 265 State Street.

In September 2019, friends Chris Saccheri and Flo Grosskurth purchased Linden Tree with plans to expand its role as a community hub for storytelling, imagination, and fun.


Author Dana Simpson at Linden Tree, April 12, 2022
Find Waldo Celebration at Linden Tree, July 31, 2022
Author Dashka Slater at Linden Tree, February 5, 2023

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